Quality Control API

for Crowdsourcing Applications

API (via Mashape)

Troia is service that runs within tomcat server and takes requests from via HTTP. It uses POST and GET methods to send request data. The easiest way to start with Troia is to use it via Mashape, a cloud API hub. There are available two different APIs, one for discrete values (GAL), second for continous values (GALC):

API for GAL via Mashape

API for GALC via Mashape

After logging into mashape and adding Troia API to your account you will be able to test the API from web and get autogenerated client libraries in:

  • Python
  • Objective C
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Java

If for some reason you dont want to use Mashape clients you can interface with Troia directly via a REST api. You can use the api service running on our test server:


Another option is to set up Troia as a standalone server on your own machine.

Most of the time your use case will look like this:

  • Prepare and load your data. Either once or continuosly.
  • Perform calculation
  • Get back results